Causes of overheating of condensate pump bearings

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A condensate pump is a vacuum pump that uses a low temperature surface to condense gas, also known as a condensate pump. The condensate pump is the vacuum pump with the lowest ultimate pressure and the highest pumping rate to obtain a clean vacuum. It is widely used in the research and production of semiconductors and integrated circuits, as well as molecular beam research, vacuum coating equipment, vacuum surface analysis instruments, ion implanters and space simulation. devices, etc.

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Due to its outstanding advantages such as clean and pollution-free, high efficiency, high pumping speed and high reliability, condensate pumps are widely used in scientific research laboratories and even industrial production and many other fields, such as semiconductor material production, flat panel display production/testing equipment, Solar manufacturing, vacuum coating, thermal vacuum systems, etc.
Condensate pump bearing overheating reasons:
1. There is no or insufficient grease in the pump
Method: Fill with grease to meet the standard requirements.
2. The pump and motor shaft are not concentric
Method: Adjust and align the pump and the motor concentrically.
3. The pump bearing is damaged
Method: replace the new bearing.
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