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stainless steel industrial centrifugal hot water pump

►Technical Parameters

Flow range: 2 ~ 30m³/h

Head range: 9 ~ 50m

Material: Stainless steel


►Scope of application

Air conditioning system

cooling system

Water treatment

Industrial cleaning system

Cold and hot water pump transportation system

Food, beverage and other ingredients system



CHL stainless steel water pump are multistage horizontal industrial centrifugal pump. The flow components of this industrial pump are made of 06 cr19ni 10 (SUS304) and with high quality aluminum alloy as motor base material. It is with high quality mechanical seal for special purpose so that it can run continuously for a long time without leakage.It can also used as hot water pump or industrial water pump.


►Main features:

CHL stainless pump with the characteristic of small size, low noise, high strength, deformation, long life span, is more safe and reliable; Drinking water health standards;


►Operating conditions:

Thin, clean, non-flammable and non-explosive liquids that do not contain solid particles or fibers.

Liquid temperature: normal temperature type: -15℃ to +70℃

Hot water type: -15℃ to +110℃

Maximum ambient temperature: +50℃

Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar

The maximum inlet pressure is limited by the maximum operating pressure.

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CHL horizontal stainless steel pump

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