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submersible centrifugal sewage ac water pump

►Technical Parameters

Flow range: 7 ~ 1500m³/h

Head range: 4 ~ 60m

Material: cast iron/stainless steel


►Scope of application

Municipal engineering, centralized treatment of urban sewage

Industrial and commercial sewage discharge, sewage drainage in residential areas

Construction sites, hotels, schools, restaurants

Exploration, mines, rural biogas digesters, river pond dredging

Filter feed water and condensate system



WQ/WQF/JYWQ/WQK(F) submersible water pump are centrifugal water pump designed and manufactured based on the introduction and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad. This sewage pump is composed of motor and pump, which are separated by oil chamber and mechanical seal assembly. The centrifugal pump shaft is short in length and compact in structure, and can be equipped with various protection devices to make the operation of the ac water pump safer and more reliable.


►Conditions of Use

Medium temperature≤40℃

PH value of medium 4 ~ 10 (WQ)

Medium density< 1200kg/m³

Volume ratio of conveying solids <2%

PH value of WQF (304 material)/WQKF (304 material) is 6.5 ~ 8.5.

WQF (316 material) type PH 2 ~ 12;

(When working, the exposed liquid level of the motor part shall not exceed 1/2 of the motor;)

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WQ/WQF Electric Submersible Sewage Pump

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