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solar deep well solar submersible garden water pump

►Technical Parameters

Flow range: 1.0~150m³/h

Head range: 10~500m

Working temperature:-20-50℃


►Product features

DC brushless motor solar pump

Stainless steel pump body (304/316)

100% Copper wire

Oil cooling(Food grade oil)

MPPT controller with LCD Digital display

Protection function: Low-voltage, Over-voltage, over-current, dry-protection; Reverse connection protection;


►Scope of application

Garden, village and town water supply

Pumping and drip irrigation

Deep well pump to irrigation farm

Clean drinking water



The solar water pump system is composed of a solar water pump controller, a solar cell module array, a combiner box, a solar water pump, etc. It aims to provide a water solution for areas lacking water and electricity or power supply is unreliable.

This solar water pump is solar submersible pump also can be used as solar deep well pump, fountain water pump, pool pump, garden water pump.


►Conditions of Use

Dilute, clean and non-corrosive liquids which without contain solid grains or fibers.

The garden pump should be running under the performance the thick curve to prevent the motor overheat due to lower capacity or overload due to higher capacity.

solar deep well pump, solar submersible pump, solar water pump, garden pump, garden water pump is one of the series of products produced and sold by Minamoto Pump Co., Ltd. This series of products are of good quality and low price. Can be customized, buy and wholesale price.


Solar Water Pump

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