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solar fountain Swimming Pool Pump

Technical Parameters

Model Impeller Voltage Pump power Max Flow Max Head Max suction Inlet/Outlet Solar panel
    (V)  (W) (HP) (m3/h) (M) (M) (mm) (W)
ZP17-15-D48-550 Plastic 48 500 0.75 17 15 5 2"x2" 400W/36V*2PCS
ZP21-19-D72-900 Plastic 48 900 1.2 21 19 5 2"x2" 400W/36V*3PCS
ZP31-19-D72-1200 Plastic 72 1200 1.5 31 19 5 2.5"x2.5" 330W/36V*6PCS


►Scope of application

Garden Yard Irrigation System

Desertification control

Agricultural irrigation

Fountain Waterscape Center

Water for animal husbandry

Swimming pool water circulation system



The solar swimming pool pump is one of the most popular water pump products among foreign customers. It is suitable for places such as private villas with medium and large swimming pools.

The solar swimming pool pump can connect the solar panel and the DC battery to the control box at the same time, its MPPT function can automatically charge the battery, and it has a rotary switch to manually adjust the flow and head.

The solar pump also called solar surface pump, fountain pump, pool pump. It can also used as seaside swimming pool circulation pump, pool drain pump, hotel fish pond circulation pump.


►Product features

√ Material of pump

Pump motor: Highly efficient DC brushless motor

Pump body: Glass loaded polypropilen

Impeller: Plastic

Motor shaft: SUS316

Bearing: NSK/C&U

Mechanical seal: Graphite and alumine

√ MPPT Controller function

Low-voltage protection

Over-voltage protection

Over-current protection

Dry-protection protection

Reverse connection protection

Swimming pool pump,pool pump,solar pump,fountain pump is one of the series of products produced and sold by Minamoto Pump Co., Ltd. This series of products are of good quality and low price. Can be customized, buy and wholesale price.


Solar Swimming Pool Pump

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