Classification introduction of vacuum pump for extrusion

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The working principle of the vacuum pump for extrusion is the same as that of the general positive displacement vacuum pump. A rotor is eccentrically installed in the inner cavity of the vacuum pump. There are three radially sliding rotary vanes on the rotor, which divide the inner cavity of the vacuum pump into three working chambers. When the vacuum pump is operating , the volume of each studio changes periodically, the studio with increasing volume continuously inhales gas from the suction port into the pump chamber, the studio that completes the suction is isolated from the air inlet by itself, and the studio with continuously shrinking volume Continuously compress the inhaled gas, the vacuum pump for extrusion manufacturer tells you that when the pressure is greater than the exhaust pressure, the gas is discharged through the channel between the vacuum pump and the oil tank, and this operation is repeated three times per revolution.

china vacuum pump for extrusion
Vacuum pump for extrusion mainly include:
1. Water ring vacuum pump, water jet vacuum pump, water vapor jet pump, etc. These devices can directly extract water vapor;
2. Rotary vane vacuum pumps, reciprocating pumps, slide valve pumps and Roots pumps, etc., although they cannot directly remove water vapor, they can be used in conjunction with condensation;
3. If the space to be pumped and the surrounding environment are required to be clean and pollution-free, various forms of dry pumps can also be used. Vacuum pump for extrusion manufacturers tell you that no matter what kind of vacuum pump is used, only the correct selection and use of the vacuum pump, and careful maintenance and repair. In order to give full play to the efficiency of mechanical equipment.


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