Development prospect of horizontal centrifugal pump

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The horizontal centrifugal pump is designed according to the principle of centrifugal force. The high-speed rotating impeller blades drive the water to rotate, and the water is thrown out, so as to achieve the purpose of transportation. There are many kinds of centrifugal pumps, which can be divided into civil and industrial pumps from the use; from the transport medium, they can be divided into clean water pumps, impurity pumps, corrosion-resistant pumps, etc.

Wholesale horizontal centrifugal pump Manufacturers china
With the continuous development of economy, horizontal centrifugal pump is more and more widely used in production engineering due to its advantages of strong sewage discharge capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, and good self-priming performance. According to professionals in pneumatic double diaphragm pumps, the current market for self-priming magnetic pumps is optimistic.
The horizontal centrifugal pump is not only suitable for urban environmental protection, construction, fire protection, chemical industry, pharmacy, dye printing and dyeing, brewing, electric power, electroplating, papermaking, petroleum, mining, equipment cooling, oil tanker unloading, etc. It is also suitable for clean water, seawater and medium with acid and alkalinity viscosity less than or equal to 100 centipoise, solid content up to 30℅ chemical medium liquid and slurry with general paste.
At present, domestic horizontal centrifugal pumps are mainly produced and manufactured by domestic manufacturers, and a small number of them are imported from abroad. According to self-priming magnetic pump professionals, self-priming centrifugal pumps are widely used for sewage discharge in municipal engineering, factories, commerce, hotels, residential areas, etc. due to their simple installation, small footprint, convenient maintenance and no noise.
The market prospect of horizontal centrifugal pump is very broad. However, since the reliability of sewage pumps needs to be further strengthened, improving the technical content of centrifugal pump products is the main direction for manufacturers to develop in the future.






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