Electric centrifugal water pump manufacturers take you to understand the correct sequence of centrifugal pump startup

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The electric centrifugal water pump needs to be filled with enough water before starting, and the air in the pump can only be started normally after the air in the pump is exhausted. The centrifugal water pump needs to be operated correctly during the startup process. The operation procedure of the centrifugal water pump is the preparation work before starting, starting and running, stopping the pump and other operation steps. The correct sequence when starting the centrifugal pump is: preparations before starting the centrifugal pump, starting the centrifugal pump, etc. Before starting the centrifugal pump, you can check the appearance of the pump body first, then open the inlet valve, start the motor, and then open the outlet valve.

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Preparations before starting electric centrifugal water pump:
1. Carefully clean the appearance of the pump body and machine base to do a good job of sanitation.
2. Carefully check whether the inlet and outlet pipelines of the centrifugal pump, flanges, valves, and pressure gauge joints are installed safely and meet the specified requirements, whether the operation process is correct, and check whether the anchor bolts and other connecting parts are loose.
3. Add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the bearing box so that the oil level is at two-thirds of the bearing box liquid level gauge.
4. Check whether the rotation of the rotor is flexible during the turning process, and check whether there is friction sound and metal impact sound in the pump body.
5. Install the protective cover of the backrest wheel, and prohibit the contact between the backrest wheel and the protective cover.
6. Open the inlet valve to ensure that the liquid fills the entire pump chamber, then open the vent valve, drain the air and then close the vent valve. If it is a heat conduction oil pump, it is allowed to open the vent valve to discharge air, so as to avoid hot oil suddenly escaping and causing spontaneous combustion when someone smokes in an inflammable and explosive environment. oil and air.
7. The heat transfer oil pump needs to be preheated slowly before starting, especially in the cold winter, when the temperature reaches below zero, it should be ensured that the pipeline and the pump body are preheated together to ensure that the temperature of the pumping medium and the pump body is at 50°C the following.
8. When the sealing oil is introduced into the oil pump, it must be fully dehydrated.
Electric centrifugal water pump start:
1. Fully open the inlet valve of the centrifugal pump, then completely close the outlet valve, and then start the motor to fully check the operation of the centrifugal pump.
2. When the outlet pressure of the centrifugal pump exceeds the operating pressure, the outlet valve can be gradually opened to control the pressure and flow of the pump.
3. Check whether the current of the motor is within the rated value range. The electric centrifugal water pump manufacturer tells you that if the motor is running at the rated flow rate but the motor is overloaded, the pump should be stopped for inspection.


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