Single stage centrifugal pump manufacturers take you to understand the causes and preventive measures of gas binding

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If the single stage centrifugal pump is not properly operated or the liquid is vaporized in the low-pressure area during the start-up and working process, it will cause gas trapping. These phenomena will cause serious damage to the centrifugal pump. Today, I will introduce the causes and preventive measures of the air binding phenomenon, so as to avoid the occurrence of cavitation and air binding during work as much as possible, and ensure the normal and efficient operation of the centrifugal pump.

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The single stage centrifugal pump has a simple and compact structure. For the same delivery volume, the centrifugal pump occupies a small area, is light in weight, consumes less materials, and has high requirements for the foundation without complex pumps, so the manufacturing and installation costs are low. It can run at high speed, and can be directly connected with 2-pole or 4-pole motors. The transmission structure is simple and easy to install. There is no valve in the centrifugal pump, so it is suitable for transporting suspensions. The special design can also transport large solid suspensions. The pump can be made of chemically resistant materials, and it is suitable for transporting corrosive solutions.
After the single stage centrifugal pump equipment is transported to the construction site, the supervisory engineer will organize relevant personnel to check and accept the equipment according to the equipment arrival list, and check the equipment specifications, quantity and quality, as well as various technical documents and materials. If there is a factory acceptance certificate, the packaging is complete, no abnormalities are found in the appearance inspection, and the transportation and storage meet the technical regulations, the disassembly inspection may not be carried out. The single stage centrifugal pump manufacturer tells you that if there is any doubt about the manufacturing quality or the quality of the equipment is affected due to improper transportation and storage, it should be disassembled for inspection. In order to ensure the installation quality, the main dimensions and fit tolerances related to assembly should be checked.


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