The application effect of double suction centrifugal pump in hydraulic engineering is remarkable

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With the continuous advancement and development of my country's water conservancy project construction, double suction centrifugal pump, as an efficient and reliable fluid conveying equipment, has become more and more effective in water conservancy projects. The double suction centrifugal pump is characterized by the suction port on both sides, which can balance the axial force, reduce vibration and noise, and also improve the efficiency and stability of the pump.

double suction centrifugal pump
Double suction centrifugal pump is widely used in urban water supply, drainage, industrial circulating water and other fields. Its energy-saving effect is remarkable, and it has been widely recognized by the market and users. At the same time, in water conservancy projects, double suction centrifugal pumps can undertake the tasks of pumps with large flow and high head, and have good adaptability and reliability.
It is reported that in recent years, my country's water conservancy construction has made great progress and development, and double suction centrifugal pump has played an important role in it. In the future, with the continuous innovation and development of technology, the performance and quality of double suction centrifugal pump will also continue to improve, providing more reliable support for water conservancy project construction.


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