What are the characteristics of single stage centrifugal pump

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Single stage centrifugal pump is mainly suitable for industry and agriculture, urban, drainage, fire water supply, etc.

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Features of single stage centrifugal pump:
1. High efficiency and energy saving: The single stage centrifugal pump manufacturer tells you to use CFD to calculate fluid dynamics, analyze and calculate the relationship between the pressure distribution and velocity distribution in the pump, optimize the flow channel design of the pump, ensure that the pump has an efficient hydraulic profile, and improve the efficiency of the pump. s efficiency.
2. Convenient installation and maintenance: The single stage centrifugal pump manufacturer tells you that the vertical pipeline structure, the inlet and outlet of the pump can be installed in any position and any direction of the pipeline like a valve, and the installation and maintenance are extremely convenient.
3. The operation is stable, safe and reliable: the single stage centrifugal pump manufacturer tells you that the motor shaft and the water pump shaft are coaxially connected directly, with high concentricity, stable operation, safe and reliable.
4. Stainless steel shaft sleeve: The mechanical seal position of the shaft is relatively easy to be corroded. Once the direct-connected pump shaft is corroded, it is easy to cause the mechanical seal to fail. The STG pump adopts a stainless steel shaft sleeve to avoid corrosion, improve shaft life and reduce operation and maintenance costs.
5. Bearing: In the motor equipped with the pump, closed bearing is adopted, and maintenance of the motor bearing is free during normal use.
6. Mechanical seal: The manufacturer of the single stage centrifugal pump tells you that the base part of the mechanical seal generally adopts the rubber bellows structure, and the seal on the shaft of the traditional mechanical seal is changed from the line seal of the O-ring to the two-face seal of the rubber part. The sealing effect is improved when the medium is used.


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