What are the power losses in the large centrifugal pump

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What are the power losses in a large centrifugal pump? The following small series will give you a detailed introduction for your reference.

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There are three types of losses: hydraulic loss, volume loss, and mechanical loss.
1. Hydraulic loss: When the fluid flows in the pump body, if the flow channel is smooth, the resistance will be smaller, the flow channel is rough, and the resistance will be larger. When the water flow enters the rotating impeller or the water flow comes out of the impeller, it will also cause collision and vortex. loss. Large centrifugal pump manufacturers tell you that the above two losses are called hydraulic losses.
2. Volume loss: The impeller is rotating, and the pump body is stationary. A small part of the fluid in the gap between the impeller and the pump body returns to the inlet of the impeller; in addition, a part of the fluid flows back from the balance hole to the impeller inlet, or Leakage from shaft seal. The manufacturer of the large centrifugal pump tells you that if it is a multi-stage pump, a part of it will be leaked from the balance plate. These losses are called volume losses;
3. Mechanical loss: When the shaft rotates, friction occurs with bearings, packing, etc., the impeller rotates in the pump body, and the front and rear cover plates of the impeller need to rub against the fluid, which will consume a part of the power. The large centrifugal pump manufacturer tells you that these are due to mechanical friction. The losses caused are always mechanical losses.


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