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Stainless Steel multi-stage pump Series,vertical multistage centrifugal pump

Clean material, high power, beautiful appearance, easy installation, widely usage

vertical multistage centrifugal pump is one of the main products of Minamoto Pump Co., Ltd with good Wholesale price and quality, Factory direct sales Low price. Our company is a professional supplier(s) and manufacturers in China, with various products For sale.

Principle of vertical multistage centrifugal pump: When the motor drives the impeller on the shaft to rotate at high speed, the liquid filled in the impeller is thrown from the center of the impeller along the flow channel between the blades to the surrounding of the impeller under the action of centrifugal force. The pressure and speed increase at the same time, and are guided to the impeller of the next stage through the flow channel of the guide casing. This is the principle. It flows through all the impellers and the guide casing one by one, and further increases the pressure energy of the liquid. After stacking each impeller step by step, a certain head is obtained.



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