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farm irrigation end suction pipeline agricultural water pump

►Technical Parameters

Flow range: 2.5~240 m³/h

Head range: 7 ~63 m

Caliber: DN25 ~ DN150

Motor power: 0.37~37 kW

Speed: 2900/2950 r/min

Medium temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃

Ambient temperature: <40℃

Protection grade: IP55

Insulation grade: F


►Structure Description

GD(2) end suction pump can use as agricultural pump, farm irrigation pump, agricultural water pump.

The whole pipeline pump is mainly composed of four major parts including pump body, impeller, pump cover (vertical cover) and motor;

The inlet and outlet of the GD(2) suction pump are on the same central axis and have the same diameter; they can be installed on the pipeline like a valve, and the installation is convenient and simple. With the open-top design, only the pump cover and impeller need to be removed during maintenance, and the mechanical seal and impeller can be replaced without removing the pump body and the pipelines on both sides of the suction and discharge ports.

The bottom of the pump is provided with fixed screw holes, which is convenient for fixing on the installation reference surface and improves the safe and stable operation of the pump;

The mechanical seal adopts a non-leakage and wear-resistant mechanical seal device to ensure stable, reliable operation and longer service life;

The motor adopts Y2 or YE3 series three-phase asynchronous motor with extended shaft.



The materials of pump body, pump cover and impeller are all made of gray cast iron HT200 or impeller cast copper, and the standard configuration is gray cast iron HT200.

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GD(3) Vertical Water Pump

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