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chemical condensate inline single stage centrifugal pump

►Technical Parameters

Flow range: 2.5~240 m³/h

Head range: 7 ~63 m

Caliber: DN25 ~ DN150

Motor power: 0.37~37 kW

Speed: 2900/2950 r/min

Medium temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃

Ambient temperature: <40℃

Maximum working pressure of pump system≤1.0 MPa


►Scope of application

Water supply system

Fire Fighting System

Cooling System

Electroplating industry

Chemical Industry

Sewage treatment



The GD(3) series inline pump is single stage centrifugal pump for water designed by our company according to the characteristics of single stage centrifugal pumps, referring to domestic and international standards, and optimizing hydraulic models to improve pump efficiency. It is mainly used to pump clean water at room temperature and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water that are not corrosive. This single stage pump can also be used as agricultural pump, oil pump, cooling water pump, chemical pump, condensate pump, industrial pump, etc.


►Main features:

Small size, light weight, and saving space, well- structured, compactness, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, sturdy and durable, convenient maintenance, etc.

The single stage centrifugal pump includes a pump body, a pump cover, a motor with an output shaft, a pump shaft, a bearing seat, an impeller, a mechanical seal and a mechanical seal gland installed in the pump body, which are connected to the motor through an elongated elastic coupling , the rotation direction of the pump, viewed from the drive end, is clockwise. Single stage centrifugal pump is mainly suitable for industry and agriculture, urban, drainage, fire water supply, etc.

single stage pump, single stage centrifugal pump, chemical pump, condensate pump, inline pump are one of the series products produced and sold by Minamoto Pump Co., Ltd. This series of products are of good quality and low price. Can be customized, buy and wholesale price.


GD(3) Vertical Water Pump

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