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booster water pump

►Technical Parameters

Flow range: 0.5~240m³/h

Head range: 4~300m

Motor power: 0.37 ~ 110kW

Voltage: 220/380V

Liquid temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃


►Scope of application

Water supply

Water treatment

fire fighting system

Irrigation system

air-conditioning systems



CDL/CDLF vertical centrifugal water pump is a non-self-priming vertical multistage centrifugal pump with standard motor. The flow parts of this vertical multistage pump are stainless steel 304 or 316L. The motor shaft of this multistage pump is directly connected to the pump shaft through the pump head with a coupling, and the tie rod bolts fix the pressure-resistant cylinder and the overflow parts on the pump head and the inlet and outlet water.

Between sections, the inlet and outlet of the vertical pump are on the same line at the bottom of the pump; the booster water pump can be equipped with an intelligent protector as required to effectively protect the pump from dry running, phase loss, and overload.

The motor is a fully enclosed, air-cooled two-pole standard motor.

The protection class is IP55.

The Insulation class is F.

Standard voltage is 50Hz and motor speed is 2900rpm(other voltage can be customized).

1 x 220-230/240V3x200-220/346-380V



A vertical multistage pump is a mechanical device that can transport from tap water to industrial liquids. With standard vertical motor and quick-fit mechanical seal, replacement is very convenient.

The vertical multistage pump is a double-suction centrifugal pump that enters water from both sides of the impeller. Because the pump cover and the pump body are assembled with horizontal joints, it is also called a horizontal split centrifugal pump. Compared with single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, vertical multistage pump has high efficiency, large flow and high lift. However, it is bulky and cumbersome, and is generally used for fixed operations. It is suitable for irrigation areas in hills and plateaus, as well as for factories, mines, and urban water supply and drainage.

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CDL Vertical Multistage Pump

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booster water pump

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