How chiller water pumps work

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The chiller water pump refers to the water pump used in the water-cooled chiller, which is a kind of micro DC water pump. It usually flows cooling water or coolant from the water inlet, and the water outlet is sent to the destination.

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How the chiller water pump works:
The function of the chiller water pump is to continuously circulate the liquid or water to achieve the effect of continuous cooling. Therefore, we can conclude that the pump will appear for the following reasons:
1. The water pump cannot work normally, so the water pump can be replaced directly.
2. The water pump can work normally. It may be that the wear of the rotor inside the water pump causes the aging problem of the water pump, which can also be solved by directly replacing the water pump.
3. There are many impurities in the pump, which cause the pump to work slowly, so it needs to be cleaned.
The working principle of chiller water pump is introduced here, I hope it can help you.


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