How to solve the burnout of chiller water pump

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The air-cooled chiller will have various failure problems in the long-term use of factories and enterprises, such as the burnout of the chiller water pump, so how to solve the problem of the burnout of the chiller water pump, the following editor will tell you.

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1. The chiller water pump is burned out due to unstable voltage supply. recommends customers to install a voltage stabilizer to prevent burnout.
2. There is water leakage in the water-cooled chiller, and the water leakage will also cause the water pump to burn out. The power supply should be turned off, and the water leakage fault should be checked.
3. Understand the voltage and configure the voltage and power suitable for the industrial chiller.
4. If the chiller water pump circuit board is burned out, these problems can only be solved by replacing the new water pump.
In fact, everyone pays more attention to the maintenance of chiller water pumps in daily life, which can reduce a lot of failure rates, not only improve the life of industrial chillers, but also bring higher production efficiency to enterprises.


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