Instructions for installation and use of centrifugal pump single stage

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Centrifugal pump single stage can be divided into two types, namely without base and with base. Before installing the centrifugal pump single stage, check whether other accessories are connected tightly, whether there is looseness, and whether there is foreign matter in the flow channel blocked, so as to prevent damage to the pump body during operation.

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For the installation of a centrifugal pump without a base, you can clean the cement base first, then hang the centrifugal pump single stage on the base, and then tighten the anchor bolts. Install according to the method of straightening and leveling.
For the installation of a centrifugal pump single stage with a base, you can first place the base on the base, tighten the motor screws, adjust the position of the base, and place it on the processing surface of the base with a spirit level. The spirit level can be used to detect the level of the base. Spend. When it is slightly inclined, a thin iron sheet or a horn can be placed under the base. The horn can increase the stability of the centrifugal pump base and facilitate secondary grouting. After aligning and leveling the base, tighten the anchor screws.
Before the centrifugal pump single stage is started, check whether the rotation is flexible and whether there is any jamming or abnormal sound. The water can be poured into the pump directly from the water inlet pipe. Pay attention to the bearing temperature during operation, the bearing temperature should not be higher than 75 degrees Celsius. When there is a gate valve in the pipeline, you can close the gate valve and then start the centrifugal pump single stage, and gradually open the gate valve after starting. When shutting down, the gate valve should be closed first. Stop until the water is completely drained.


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