Introduction to the working principle of solar deep well pump

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The solar deep well pump is a water-lifting tool that is directly connected to the motor and the water pump and submerged into the water. It is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells in sunny and remote areas without electricity supply. It can also be used in water-lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs and canals. Agriculture, construction and domestic use (or mountain water use).

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solar deep well pump is mainly used for village or household water supply, livestock drinking water and farm irrigation, wild camping water supply, water supply in remote areas without electricity, lowering groundwater level, pressurization and various industrial purposes; it can be used in pipeline wells with a minimum diameter of 4 inches It can also be used in openings, and can also be used in various lakes, ponds and rivers and other water sources.
The solar deep well pump includes three main parts: solar cell array, water pump controller and DC water pump. The structure is reasonable, the sealing is good, the noise is low, and the flow rate is large. The water pump is connected to the submersible pump by a permanent magnet brushless DC motor without a position sensor ( Centrifugal pump), driven by the water pump controller. The motor structure is simple and reliable, small in size and light in weight.
The solar deep well pump is a combination of solar panels that convert light energy into electrical energy, and is combined with a low-voltage special solar water pump, which is convenient, practical and easy to operate without laying cables. When there is sunshine, the water pump automatically pumps water, and it can continuously pump water when there is no sunlight. Equipped with power supply to ensure continuous pumping and work under stable voltage.


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