What are the characteristics of solar deep well pump

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The solar deep well pump is a combination of solar panels that convert light energy into electrical energy, and is combined with a low-voltage special solar water pump, which is convenient, practical and easy to operate without laying cables. The solar deep well pump is a water-lifting tool that is directly connected to the motor and the water pump and submerged into the water.

Wholesale solar deep well pump Manufacturers china
The solar deep well pump is suitable for extracting groundwater from deep wells in sunny and remote areas without power supply. It can also be used in water lifting projects such as rivers, reservoirs and canals. It is also used in farmland irrigation and human and livestock water in plateau and mountainous areas. It is especially suitable for industry, mining and breeding. industry, agriculture, construction and household (or mountain water use). The motor and the water pump are integrated, with simple structure, energy saving, high efficiency, safety and reliability.
The manufacturer of solar deep well pump tells you that there are no special requirements for well pipes and lifting pipes. Steel pipe wells, ash pipe wells, earth wells, etc. can be used. Under pressure, steel pipes, rubber pipes, plastic pipes, etc. can be used as lifting pipes. It has high lift, beautiful appearance, light weight, no noise, no pollution, strong adaptability to the placement environment, greatly saves project costs, and does not affect buildings and natural landscapes. Installation, use and maintenance are convenient and simple, and the floor area is small.
Anti-sand and anti-freeze structure, water depth of 20 meters, automatic thermal protection. The high-performance wear-resistant electric pump produced by the company, the power part is equipped with a stainless steel submersible motor produced by the current international advanced technology, which is absolutely non-polluting to the water quality. Solar deep well pump manufacturers tell you to choose high-quality stainless steel casing, shaft core, coupling, water inlet and pump head (or copper alloy water inlet and pump head), high-strength and wear-resistant new composite polymer impeller and stainless steel guide Shell, the new "floating" structure impeller has no axial pressure on the motor during operation.


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