Product advantages of vertical multistage centrifugal pump

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The vertical multistage centrifugal pump adopts the hydraulic model of the product pump recommended by the country, and is a vertical multi-stage multi-segment structure. The screw rod clamps and connects the water inlet section, the middle section and the water outlet section into one body. Each stage of the water pump is equipped with an impeller and a guide vane. The axial force is solved by the hydraulic balance method, and the residual axial force is borne by the ball bearing and lubricated with grease. The shaft seal adopts soft packing or mechanical seal.

good price and quality vertical multistage centrifugal pump company
1. Advanced hydraulic model: vertical multistage centrifugal pump with high efficiency and wide performance range.
2. Novel structure and reliable operation: the balance drum is eliminated, and its axial force is balanced by hydraulic force, which solves the problems of easy corrosion, seizure and wear of the balance drum, and ensures more reliable operation.
3. Less operation and maintenance costs: the vertical multistage centrifugal pump adopts high-quality mechanical seals, which are wear-resistant, no leakage, long service life, low failure rate, and less operation and maintenance costs.
4. Stable operation and low noise: the low-speed motor is used to make the pump run smoothly and the noise is lower.
5. Vertical structure, small footprint.
The product advantages of the vertical multistage centrifugal pump are introduced here. Friends in need are welcome to contact us.


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