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stainless steel industrial centrifugal hot water pump

<p> <span style="color:#0f26d3;"><strong>►Technical Parameters</strong></p> <p> Flow range: 2 ~ 30m³/h</p> <p> Head range: 9 ~ 50m</p> <p> Material: Stainless steel</p> <p>  </p> <p> <span style="color:#0f26d3;"><strong>►Scope of application</strong></p> <p> Air conditioning system circulation</p> <p> cooling system</p> <p> Water treatment</p> <p> Industrial cleaning system</p> <p> Cold and hot water transportation, circulation and lifting</p> <p> Food, beverage and other ingredients system</p> stainless pump,stainless steel water pump,hot water pump,industrial centrifugal pump,industrial pump,industrial water pump,water pump is one of the series of products produced and sold by Minamoto Pump Co., Ltd. This series of products are of good quality and low price. Can be customized, buy and wholesale price.

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